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Update on the DOJ's Criminal Investigation into Generic Pharmaceuticals

District Court Denies Amgen's Bid to Block Sale of Blockbuster Biosimilar Drug

Restrictions Eased for Communications-Related Items Exported to Sudan

Reporting Requirements for U.S. Companies Regarding Direct Investment

New FDA Guidance Opens the Door for Electronic Consent Forms That Come with Significant Advantages and Raise Privacy and Secure Data Storage Regulatory Compliance Concerns

Proposed 2015 Amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law

A Modest Strategy for Combatting Frivolous IPO Lawsuits

IRS Extends "Begun Construction" Guidance

Change In Marking Statute Would Curtail Troll Litigation

Department of Energy Loan Programs Office Update: Recent Announcements, Insights, and Upcoming Workshops

Eye on Privacy - February 2015

Citizen Petitions Aimed at Delaying Generic Competition Remain a Concern

SEC Proposes Rule Requiring Disclosure of Hedging Policies for Directors, Officers, and Other Employees

New State Laws Enacted to Address Marketing Calls and Texts to Cellular Numbers

There's a Lot to Like About Hamburg's Legacy at the FDA

The Entrepreneurs Report: Private Company Financing Trends

Federal Circuit Decides Appeal from First Final PTAB Decision in Inter Partes Review

Chancery Court Refuses to Enforce Non-Competition Agreement Against a California-Based Employee Despite Delaware Choice-of-Law Provision

FTC Recommends Privacy and Data Security Protections for "Internet of Things"

Reflections on the Remarkable Rise of Orphan Drugs

China Proposes Legislative Overhaul of Foreign Investment Regime

New California Sick Leave Law Requires Employers' Immediate Attention

SEC Staff Suspends Interpretations Related to Counterproposal Exclusion of Shareholder Proposals

Federal Trade Commission Announces Revisions to Hart-Scott-Rodino Thresholds

Supreme Court Alters Standard of Appellate Review for Claim Construction


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