Our Recent Publications Include:

The Entrepreneurs Report: Private Company Financing Trends

The WSGR Data Advisor - November 2015

The Internet of Things

SEC Adopts Final Crowdfunding Rules

ISS Data Verification Deadline and QuickScore Proxy Access Methodology Update

A Dangerous Attack on Desegregation

President Obama Signs Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015

Where We Stand On Pharmaceutical Patent Settlements

Lightning Strikes Twice: DOJ Gives Second Compliance Credit

EU Data Protection Authorities Issue Statement Following Schrems Decision

Google, Walmart and Corporate Energy 2.0

The Retrospective Approach to Companion Diagnostics

EU's Highest Court Declares Safe Harbor Invalid

A Look at the Legality Behind Daraprim's Price Spike

Department of Defense Issues New Cybersecurity Rules for Defense Agencies That Use Contractors and Cloud Services to Hold Unclassified Defense Information

Section 101: Should Clear And Convincing Standard Apply?

Advocate General Advises EU's Highest Court to Deem Safe Harbor Invalid and to Allow EU Data Protection Authorities to Suspend Data Transfers to the U.S.

The WSGR Data Advisor - September 2015

Game Over: Popular Multi-Channel Network Settles FTC Complaint for Paid Endorsement Videos

Federal Trade Commission Brings Complaint Against Firm for Relying on HSR Act "Investment-Only" Exemption

USPTO Announces Second Round of AIA Rule Changes

SEC Adopts Pay Ratio Disclosure Rules

Federal Circuit Reinstates Jury Verdict in Favor of Akamai, Creating New Factual Scenario for Finding Divided Infringement

District Court Holds That FDCA Does Not Prohibit and Criminalize Truthful Off-Label Promotion of FDA-Approved Prescription Drugs

En Banc Federal Circuit Keeps Induced Infringement Alive at the ITC


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