Energy and Infrastructure

As an integrated part of the energy and infrastructure practice, our team has the specialized knowledge and skills needed to help sponsors secure the sites, permits, fuel supply, off-take and other commercial contracts, and financing required to succeed in the power, fuels, transportation, and natural-resource sectors. In addition, we assist with import and export matters, licensing transactions, strategic mergers and acquisitions, and interactions with federal and state governments and international financing institutions.

We help clients develop and construct all types of energy, resources, and infrastructure projects. Our services include advising on permitting, licensing, site control, design, construction, and financing matters, as well as negotiating necessary ancillary agreements for feedstock, equipment purchase, hedging, power purchase and other off-take, tolling, operations and maintenance (O&M), transmission, and interconnection. Our projects team is adept at project joint-venture arrangements and at buying and disposing of project assets and portfolios.

We bring to each assignment experience in a full range of projects, including traditional thermal (coal and gas-fired) and hydroelectric facilities, and a focus on clean energy with solar (photovoltaic, concentrated, and thermal), wind, waste-to-energy, biomass, biofuel, geothermal, cogeneration, fuel cell, and energy storage facilities, as well as new-technology manufacturing facilities. Ultimately, we understand that our clients' success requires us to be commercial-minded and pragmatic, with a keen understanding of the terms that are market and financeable, in order to get projects financed and built.