Our consumer litigation attorneys defend companies accused of violating false advertising, consumer protection, and unfair competition laws. These cases often arise from statements on websites, in advertisements, or on product packaging that allegedly misrepresent our client's service or product; from website terms of use and/or privacy policies that allegedly do not accurately describe a service; and from conduct that allegedly violates statutes designed to protect consumers. Among other types of cases, we have defended class actions alleging violations of California's Consumers Legal Remedies Act and Business and Professions Code Sections 17200 and 17500; false advertising actions brought by consumers, competitors, and the Federal Trade Commission; and cases asserting violations of federal statutes such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We have represented companies in a variety of jurisdictions, including California, New York, Washington, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and Arizona. The companies we have defended in consumer class actions include industry leaders such as Netflix, Expedia and its subsidiaries and, Palm, Avaya, GoDaddy, Netgear, and SanDisk.