Palo Alto
650 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1050
Phone 650.493.9300
Fax 650.493.6811

Department Heads



Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Fayman
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer Courtney Chiang Dorman
Chief Information Officer Michael Lucas
Chief Information Security Officer Jeff Lolley
Chief Knowledge and Talent Officer Chris Boyd
Senior Director of Human Resources and Office Administration Stacey Layzell
Director of Facilities & Office Services Barbara Vold
Director of Legal Support Halina Storch
Director of Marketing John Brown
Director, Purchasing & Business Services Dan Carrier
Office Manager, Austin Kelly Barker
Office Manager, Beijing Olivia Li
Office Manager, Boston Kelly Barker
Office Manager, Brussels Martine Noyelle
Office Manager, Hong Kong Olivia Li
Office Manager, New York Rachel Borok
Office Manager, San Diego Tina Drews
Office Manager, San Francisco Hedvy Gregg
Office Manager, Seattle Karen Weiland
Office Manager, Shanghai Olivia Li
Office Manager, SOMA Hedvy Gregg
Office Manager, Washington, D.C. Kimberly Quinteros