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Christopher McAndrew is an associate in the Boston office of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

Prior to joining the firm, Chris was a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Paul Goldsmith's laboratory at the National Institutes of Health in the National Cancer Institute, working under the Office of Science and Technology Partnerships division. In this role, he developed and evaluated next-generation antibody-based biomarker detection methods and systems for start-up biotech companies and in-house research; designed and purified antigens for antibody production in hosts; and screened antibodies for use in various methods and platforms. During his time at the National Institutes of Health, Chris also worked as an intern in the Office of Technology Transfer.

Previously, as a graduate student in the chemistry and biochemistry department at the University of California, San Diego, Chris studied the role of novel cyclin-like proteins in responses to DNA damage, as well as the crosstalk between the Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor and the inflammatory response pathway. In addition, he worked as an intern at Tech Law performing patent and trademark due diligence.

  • J.D., George Washington University Law School, 2016
  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, 2010
    Authored dissertation titled "Cell cycle and DNA damage response regulation by Spy1, and the intersection of FGFR and NFkappaB pathways"
  • M.S., Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, 2007
    Participant, LEAN/Six Sigma Enterprise Certificate Program; Participant, FDA Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program; Recipient, Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Scholarship
  • B.S., Biochemistry, University of Delaware, 2004
    Minors in Biological Sciences and Biomedical Engineering; Recipient, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholarship
  • Recipient, Postdoctoral Training Grant, National Institutes of Health
  • Recipient, Federal Technology Transfer Award, National Institutes of Health
  • Co-author with D. Hoffmeister, V. Norviel, P. Girinath, and C. Andres, "FDA Developments in 2015 and What's to Come in 2016," Law360, January 11, 2016
  • Co-author, "FDA's Proposed Rules to Address Inaccurate Orange Book Use Codes May Shorten Approval Timelines for Select 505(b)(2) and Generic Drugs," Generic Pharma 2.0, July 15, 2015
  • Co-author with V. Norviel, E. Kepplinger, J. Chambers, and L. Lieto, "Strategies for Maximizing Patent Claim Scope and Patent Prosecution for Diagnostic Method Claims in the Wake of Mayo v. Prometheus," The Life Sciences Report, Spring 2013
  • Co-author with A.N. Meyer, K.A. Drafahl, J.E. Gilda, L.H Gallo, M. Haas, L.M. Brill, and D.J Donoghue, "Tyrosine phosphorylation allows integration of multiple signaling inputs by IKKβ," PLoS One, 2013
  • Co-author with L. Boeckmann, Y. Takahashi, W.C. Au, P.K. Mishra, J.S. Choy, A.R. Dawson, M.Y. Szeto, T.J. Waybright, C.D. Heger, P.K Goldsmith, T.D. Veenstra, R.E. Baker RE, and M.A. Basrai, "Phosphorylation of centromeric histone H3 variant regulates chromosome segregation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae," Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2013
  • Co-author with J.M. Fleming, E. Ginsburg, C.D. Heger, L. Cheston, J. Rodriguez-Canales, B.K. Vonderhaar, and P.K. Goldsmith, "Characterization of △7/11, a functional prolactin-binding protein," Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, 2012
  • Co-author with K.A. Drafahl, A.N. Meyer, and D.J. Donoghue, "The Receptor Tyrosine Kinase FGFR4 Regulates NF-kappaB Signaling," PLoS One, 2010
  • Co-author with R.F. Gastwirt and D.J. Donoghue, "The Atypical CDK Activator Spy1 Regulates the Intrinsic DNA Damage Response and Is Dependent upon p53 to Inhibit Apoptosis," Cell Cycle, 2009
  • Co-author with K.A. Drafahl and D.J. Donoghue, Signaling from FGF Receptors in Development and Disease, Humana Press, 2008
  • Co-author with A.N. Meyer and D.J. Donoghue, "NDGA Inhibits an FGFR3 Mutant and Blocks Downstream Signaling in Multiple Myeloma Cells," Cancer Research, 2008
  • Co-author with R.F. Gastwirt and D.J. Donoghue, "Regulation of the Cell Cycle," Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology, John Wiley & Sons, 2008
  • Co-author with R.F. Gastwirt and D.J. Donoghue, "Speedy/RINGO Regulation of CDKs in Cell Cycle, Checkpoint Activation and Apoptosis," Cell Cycle, 2007
  • Co-author with R.F. Gastwirt, A.N. Meyer, L.A. Porter, and D.J. Donoghue, "Spy1 Enhances Phosphorylation and Degradation of the Cell Cycle Inhibitor," Cell Cycle, 2007
  • Co-author with R.F. Gastwirt RF, D.A. Slavin, and D.J. Donoghue, "Spy1 Expression Prevents Normal Cellular Responses to DNA Damage: Inhibition of Apoptosis and Checkpoint Activation," Journal of Biology and Chemistry, 2006
  • Co-author with D.T. Yeung, D. Josse, J.D. Nicholson, B.J. Bahnson, D.E. Lenz, and D.M. Cerasoli, "Structure/function analyses of human serum paraoxonase (HuPON1) mutants designed from a DFPase-like homology model," Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 2004
  • State Bar of Massachusetts
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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